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awwww i cant wait for this to happen. Niall is gonna be my baby daddy XD

This cheeky lepricaun c; i think this is one of my favorite niall imagines so far

All I Could Think Of When It Said Cheeky Leprechaun Was When Niall Says To Harry "Alright You Cheeky Monkey!

Niall imagine this one made me want to cry ...sometimes I wonder if the act anything like they do in these imagines

This literally made me cry for like years *year 3908 at a one direction museum* Guide: " And here we have a niall girl who has been crying since " crowd: " ooooOoOOh.

More of a Harry girl, but Niall, I love you the same!!!

All directionater are suddenly turning into niall girls. All of the original Niall girls have loved him because he was cute and his wonderful personality. He is amazing. And I always have and always will be a Niall girl. I have always been a niall girl