Infinity Clock

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Dessine-moi un G...orille

Dessine-moi un G...orille

A fun handwriting practice book from 1955 which teaches children how to create letters, as well as turn them into animals & characters

Kyoto Shimbun News:フォトダイアリー

Online Backgammon Tournaments affected by DST bboyspyder carlihinkel sharondarebholz


ASUS VA32AQ WQHD 1440p 5ms IPS DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor, 31.5"

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Industrial Style Clock to Make | Buddly Crafts

Make an industrial style clock from a round chipwood box. Paint it in cool monochrome colours and finish with metal gears and wires.


assortment of vintage clock faces. i love this clock collection.

stripeee zebra shells.  pretty little things come out of the ocean!

Love the texture and color of these blue shells. Nature is full of incredible color.


La NASA ha perdido el norte

Lee testing the ‘Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) system’, 130 nautical miles above earth.