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Kagome and Koga

Kagome and Kouga

Inuyasha's reaction seems like he didn't do anything...

This is adorable : Inuyasha

Jaken is an idiot

Inuyasha~ Sesshomaru *rolls eyes dramatically* Of course Jaken.

Miroku & Sango | Inu-Yasha

Miroku & Sango | Inu-Yasha

I'm actually a Sesshomaru x Rin fan but this is incredibly cute so I'll pin it anyway!(from artist YoukaiYume) (I'm not a fan of SessKag but these are dang cute.

This is cute

Miroku is me.

buenos dias o.o

Inuyasha, Koga, and Kagome

Inuyasha - Poor Koga didn't get the girl :( He's actually my favorite character. He's so cool.

Inuyasha - Poor Koga didn't get the girl, well Inuyasha and Kagome are a better ship anyway! Sorry Koga.



Inuyasha and Kagome genderbend and normal version credits to the artist!

Inuyasha and Kagome <3

Inuyasha and Kagome my new otp

Koga is just so adorable, sweet and cute

InuYasha and Kagome end of the Final Act.

InuYasha and Kagome kiss - InuYasha: The Final Act

Inuyasha, kagome, miroku, Sango, shippo, Rin, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, naraku, kagura, Kanna, koga

InuYasha characters So cute!

One of the first romantic moments.

One of the first romantic moments. And here started the looooooong wait of over 100 episodes for Inuyasha and Kagome to kiss

Los 7 guerreros

Inuyasha Band of Seven. IMF this brings back memories of the show!