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I probably won't use a homework binder, but I might to a pronged folder with a multiplication chart, and there's a great spelling choice list here.

I have been using these ideas to help my kiddos practice their spelling words. Simply Resources: Update on STAR binders

Spanish question words in picture format with Spanish labels.  Really helps your students to see the meaning behind the words!

Spanish Question Words Picture Notes and Practice Worksheets

Spanish question words in picture form with Spanish labels. Great for helping your students learn the meanings of the question words without translation!

Word Art (5/10): I like the idea of using handwriting as art/graphics for the newsmag. Maybe if anyone has particularly nice handwriting we could use that and make it a headline or something?


Sometime the shortest distance between point A & B should be a soft curve.


Palabras Compuestas Poster

Found my childhood BFF online - sent her a letter, and we have been corresponding by mail for some time now. It's been lovely. So much fun to get "good mail" in the mailbox! ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Over years deep in the thought game of mindset change, we present to you Top Thoughts Thursday number one hundred and thirty six.