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Hahaha! Jinxx is garbage can man....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bJ2Ht6bF2E=PLoAt4eOxB28vrtyZAtYTDTD5SWhYlt12-=73

Black Veil Brides XD<<Jinxx is like what their telling you is a lie

Why. Who made this. Can I be your best friend. Pls.

He'll eat your soul through a bendy straw. How do you eat something from a straw?

For everyone reading this in the BVB ARMY I LOVE YOU you are awesome and beautiful!!!! Stay true to who you are we know our wings are flawed

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Andy is such an inspiration. Thank you Andy. Thank you Black Veil Brides. Thank you BVB Army.

#AndyBVB #BVBarmy

I dont really listen to bvb that much anymore but i admire andy so much and what he and the rest of the band have done for their fans. Their all really amazing people