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Gerard way of MCR used to self harm, in fact he even thought he'd kill himself on tour in Japan. But he survived. You can too

Gerard way. But in essence I guess that was self injuring because he was definitely hurting himself

I love and admire Gerard so much for this. He was an alcoholic and did drugs for 3 straight years and got clean in 17 days. And if it weren't for Brian, I don't think Gerard would still be here.

this honestly gives me inspiration to keep living, just hearing about or seeing Gerard go through that and recover with his own willpower and just being able to do that. jesus i am in awe of this man.

Gerard Way Quote. "It's what keeps the world going." So let me be myself and screw off!   *Just saying*

"Kudos to you for being yourself and living how you want to live, dressing how you want to dress, and just really expressing yourself." --Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

yess to everyone who's ever made fun of someone for listening to certain type of music

I've changed alot this summer. I've started listening to different music (MCR, BVB ect.) and I became emo.

Omg<<< gerard is such a genius even HE doesn't know how genius he is oml

woah<<<this is so amazing how is gerard so creative << he is an actual genius

He is such an inspiration

He is such an inspiration