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Photo by Dennis Pedersen.

Still Life Photographer - London, New York, Paris, Milan - Dennis Pedersen - gallery fashion

Prism white geometric sunglasses, illustrated by Justina Blakeney

The 6 Baller Sunglasses Trends of The Summer, Illustrated

Aviators say sporty and classic, round frames say creative and artsy, and oversize plastic frames.

Collar and shades from the Louis Vuitton. This would be a cute display for a selection of eyewear.

TIJN®, the next generation eyewear brand, well designed and crafted.

Styling by Mattias Nyhlin for Plaza Magazine \\\ Photo by Philip Karlberg


Still life photography and set design by Victoria Ling

Photo still life et set design par Victoria Ling

Iconic Eyewear Paper Illustrations - David Scwen Does a Great Social Media Campaign for Warby Parker (GALLERY)

Iconic Eyewear Paper Illustrations

Minimalist images of celebrities created by David Schwen for online eyewear retailer Warby Parker.