Tattoo Artist - Massimiliano Fenix |

Muerte tattoo by Massimiliano Fenix | Post 10680

Tattoo Artist - Mikko Inksanity | Tattoo No. 5205

Muerte tattoo by Mikko Inksanity

Realism Muerte Tattoo by Lasse Sjoroos | Tattoo No. 5534

Muerte tattoo by Lasse Sjoroos

I am not a fan of sugar skulls, however, if I was to ever get one I would want it like this. Black and grey with the eyes colored to make it pop.

Tattoo Artist - Anabi Tattoo -

Muerte tattoo by Anabi Tattoo

Tatouage Catrina santa Muerte

Tatouage Catrina santa Muerte

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Realism Muerte Tattoo by Proki Tattoo -

Realism Muerte Tattoo by Proki Tattoo -

Day Of The Dead Tattoos (12)

Celebrate Life and Death With These Awesome Day of the Dead Tattoos

Tattoo Artist - Adam Kremer

Mask tattoo by Adam Kremer

Tattoo Artist - Demon Tattoo |

Skull tattoo by Demon Tattoo