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This is why I love tumblr XD

Hands up if you also got all those references! I don't understand that reference. <- I understood that reference!

This is EXACTLY how it would go

Chris and 9 would just brood quietly until Rose/Billie came in, at which point they'd both brighten up :)

“If the Weeping Angels started a band it would be Don’t Blink-182.”

And finally, when they pointed out this unfortunate truth.

this messed up my brain<<<this is a stupid question because obviously it's a common name as EVERYONE knows. >>> he has travelled to the beginning of time using john smith so it has become common

You know, prime doctors can be intimidating. <---I got that reference.

<--- I understood that reference! (and yes i did just make a reference to another fandom to explain i understood a reference to this fandom)

Best of Tumblr Doctor Who edition

Have you ever sneezed so hard you turned into Peter Capaldi?


I don't know where I am. Help me. I dont know where I am.

The ballad of a dalek. Full of hate and grudge. Bottle up your fears. Keep em in your sonic, save em for a time when your really gonna need em.<<<< OMG I LOVE THIS FANDOM^^The Band Perry

So I was looking at the nope part And I couldnt figure out what it said I thought it said no pe or something

So I was looking at the nope part And I couldnt figure out what it said I thought it said no pe or something <— lol I saw open open open for the longest time hahahaha


Actually it was Rose. The hotel complex was all about faith and who did he believe in and lobe more than anyone in all of space and time? Rose Tyler, she was who was in his room and that's why he went "of course, what else could it be" bc it was Rose


The Revenge of the Fandom. CAN THIS BE A THING? <--- that would be brilliant but there's no way we can do it and it would take EXTREMELY high participation levels to work at all…Series 4 since I missed the Series 3 participation.

Broken physics

*raises hand* I did! Yep, I was laughing about the air pressure breaking physics, and then. The Whovians arrived. >>> The combination of Physics and Doctor Who is beautiful!<==I totally got the Doctor Who reference