jily by viria

James Potter and Lily Evans by Harry Potter marauders

Film vs Book by Burdge by youowemeasoda

Harry and Ginny: Book vs.

<3 I love Viria's art so much,,

James Potter, Lily Evans and Sirius Black

He can't help himself

batcii: when will i stop drawing these fluffy haired losers probably never . i was gonna draw peter but then i got tired ¯_(ツ)_/¯>>>I love The Marauders

the happiest day ever by viria13.deviantart.com on @deviantART

James and Lily. the happiest day ever

Lily and James Potter are ridiculously perfect and uh now I have a bunch of feels OH MO THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST PARENTS WHY

James Potter & Lily Evans, Lily looks like Asami from The Legand or Korra in this drawing

"alright alright I’ll take you down"

“ “alright alright I’ll take you down” “IT’S TOO LATE. MY YOUNG LIFE IS SQUANDERED” ” james learned two things that day; one, a romantic flight around the grounds isn’t actually a great idea for a.

Uhmmm I think Rose would almost always pay attention in class. But I like that Scorp is looking at her

Rose and Scorpius, what seems like finally succumbing to what was already there. (art by the lovely Viria)<---I don't ship it.

Happy Birthday, Evans!

James and Lily by Viria I never understand the difference between james/lily and harry/Ginny except the scar xD<<<< James has square glasses, Harry has round ones

Jily // James Potter // Lily Evans // The Marauders // Comic

Lily Evans wants none of your shit and even the marauders get a little sick of the epic that is James Potter’s “pursuit” of the love o. Lily Evans will destroy you with her back turned

HP - JL When something changed by Elwy.deviantart.com on @deviantART

awww one of my favorite couple lily and james :)))

Harry Potter - Harry, Ginny and Voldemort (Source: @ reallycorking on tumblr)

Harry Potter - Harry, Ginny and Voldemort

Harry Potter

Harry potter summary in one pic.

Jily fan art

“James: I’ve heard some news from Daily Prophet this morning, so- Lily: I love you too.

Lily and Snape's Reunion I just love James and Sirius laughing at Snape in the background

Older Lily and Snape by julvett on DeviantArt. I died at the tiny James and Sirius in the last slide watching them fight XD

The Marauder's

didyousaymaraudersormurder: “ saintdrarry: “ upthehillart: “ Marauders edition of this ” I’m fucked up. Sirius and James… Mercy please ” Lol Sirius arm is around Remus so causally I’m dead ”