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honeybee comb & cells

Types of bumblebees. Most bees have specialized branched or feathery body hairs…

Waggle Dance

dance language of honey bees web The Dance Language of Honeybees infographics

Honey bees for sale in Virginia. We sell honey bees, delicious raw honey, woodenware and beekeeping supplies in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Stop by today and let's talk bees. Let me help you start your beekeeping career.

Beegarland and honeycomb.

This is a cool photo showing the bees on a drone frame. See that long string of bees? They are chaining, which is how they determine how best to build a comb. This is the drone frame, the on…

"Ode to the Bees".Today, Friday, June our third year of pinning to save our beautiful Bees. Pin all pins relating to the Bees. Sending Love and Light to all the Bees.

A Look Inside a New Honey Bee Hive

Someday i will have my own bee hive! a look inside a honey bee hive- amazing pictures of the life cycle of a honey bee inside our bee hives!

11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees

Wow that is a good looking hive! ~Hannah A typical honey bee hive can make up to 400 pounds of honey per year.

The Sun Hive: A Majestically Beautiful Bee Hive That Could Save The Honey Bees - Off Grid World