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THE BULLYING EXPERIMENT! - The Bullying Experiment takes a look at how strangers respond when bullying gets violent.

Bullying - I loved this little post. It truly made me stop and think.

Bullying, "STOP IT"~ How bullying affected my life

Bullying, Stop It! How bullying affected my life. A Mormon (LDS) view on bullying and how to stop. Tips From a Typical Mom.

Nie toleruj homofobicznego dręczenia

This video encompasses an anti homophobic bullying advertisement. It encourages the use of friendship among young people to deal with homophobic bullying. The obstructive impact of homophobia on the lives of young people are presented.

An uplifting look at people who have overcome bullying. #bully  Please Repin, Retweet or LIKE on Pinterest or Facebook!!! Spread the word!

The students at Teasley Elementary have stepped up to the challenge of promoting Anti-Bullying. Bullying is a serious offense and it must stop.

"The Bully Effect" is a powerful documentary on a movement to end bullying in America's schools.  https://www.facebook.com/#!/DiMartinoChiropractic https://accessenergy.infusionsoft.com/go/AIOMSHP/angeladimartino/

You can see the amazing progress of the Bully Project on CNN's documentary special "The Bully Effect". They sent this to me personally, and I really hope you'll help me get the word out, so future kids don't suffer as Alex did.

Bullying makes me sick. What makes me more sick is the number of people who never stand up to those who are doing the bullying.

Minimum 3 people involved in bullying: the bully(ies) + the victim(s) + the people who know about it.

pranks. some of these are definitely worth trying.. ahahaha...... I love the papa john one... I am going to try it on the neighbor who always breaks up the party early by calling the Police!

The art of Trolling

some of these are definitely worth trying.ff ahahaha. I love the papa john one. I am going to try it on the neighbor who always breaks up the party early by calling the Police!

Chips off the old Block: Oh No You Dont :11 Facts About Bullying , WakeUp! Do Something #atozchallenge

School bullying is a constant issue that never seems to go away. This infographic from RomanticFrugalMom gives us some insight into the statistics of bullying in schools, and the impact of cyber bullying.

Powerful!  Stop bullying everywhere including here on Pinterest!Remember that children learn from adults!

One thing that Delilah learned from the Taylor situation is that you can't let bullies bring you down. She learned that those who try to hurt others are usually the ones that are hurting inside.

I luv this quote! This is my daily saying to my kids. WHAT IF THE KID YOU BULLIED IN SCHOOL QUOTE

What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?