116-copie.jpg (720×1080)

116-copie.jpg (720×1080)

I have been on the beach in Maui at night and it is beautiful but this looks photoshopped to me????

Beautiful Places Around the World - Maui beach, Hawaii. The BeaCH of HaWaii, Gotta Go!


Comet Lovejoy by Wayne England, Poocher Swamp west of Bordertown, South Australia Dec. 2011 So beautiful!

unevxntful:my blog will make you smile

in the morning a knock was at Spitfire and Buddy's house "Spitfire?" buddy woke up "Do you hear that?" he says a bit startled nudging spitfire to wake up "I think I'm gonna go check it out" he says sitting up


A big gift of love, the marvelous full moon. Photo by Shahir Puliyappatta

a big gift by shahir puliyappatta