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#MemeMonday - Stephen // grammar police, I'm sorry, but it's spelled 'you're'

- Stephen // grammar police, I'm sorry, but it's spelled 'you're' <<< Grammar nazi!

I already pinned this... But I am going to again. :) This is awesome

First Season Arrow and Flash / Arrow season 1 / The Flash season so true tho


I mean, there was the whole “Baby Sara->Baby John” thing, so.

If this is his actual costume:  cool. If just fan made:  still cool.

Colton Haynes Arsenal - Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) in his heroic costume for season 3 of Arrow.

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Arrow / The Flash Crossover - Oliver & Barry Dear god I can't wait! It comes out December 2 and I am freaking out right now!

nobody sweeter

Garon - struggling to help his people maintain their national identity after being swallowed by the Empire. When Antessa is forced to flee the coup, Garon gets roped into trying to protect her. even though she symbolizes everything he stands against.