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This is literally one of the best songs eva. Plus it has my name in it. Not to brag or anything ✊

I'm not my Father! ⋆

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance song lyrics lyrics songs music quotes music lyrics shinedown second chance song quotes

This heartwarming and inspiring storybook helps children ages 2-7 thrive despite a parent’s lengthy absence. Lily’s daddy is deployed for about a billion days. She feels angry, sad, stubborn, and naughty. Her mommy helps Lily understand her emotions and cope with them in healthy ways.

Lily Hates Goodbyes (Military Version): Jerilyn Marler and Nathan Stoltenberg (Age 6 and Under)

"Payphone" -Maroon 5

Adam Levine Had The Best Reaction When A Superfan Had A Panic Attack Meeting Him

~Simple Plan~

~Simple Plan~ I was just thinking what if a guy proposed using simple plan lyrics ?