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You sure about that Liam? Cause if you know me like you say you do then I should at least have you following me on Twitter lol

listening to this right now for the hundreth time

BURN!!! And no offence ain't comin after BURN!!!

Im seriously so sick of all the gay comments they receive but this is funny

Haha Yesss! My mom asked me tonight if there was a guy in the band named Liam:) I said yeah mom! God job and gave her a high five!:)

My family knows, my mom listens, because she has to love me

I was talking to a friend about one direction...this is why we are directioners.

I was talking to a friend about one direction.this is why we are directioners.>>most definitely yes just absolutely perfect and yesssss

Mm I wish my Besties did this. Love you perras

this is the story of my life hahaha>> I found wat u said extremely funny. Cuz one of songs is story of my life and in that pic.

One Direction

I'm crying because i will never see one of their concerts

Dear Zayn, Sometimes you get me so tempted to kiss you on that beautiful face of yours because goshdarnit your inzaynly hot. Sincerely, an obsessed fangirl. <3

Can you guys tell that I have major Zayn feels?

Keep calm and love Harry Styles

its kind of mpossible to stay calm AND love harry styles but u no wtv