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the simpsons:

16 Times The Simpsons Gave You Material For Your Gender Studies Midterm

She never seemed like one of the 'makeover' kids.

Did Dora actually need a makeover? 19 Ridiculously Sexist Adverts From The Present Day


32 Things You Realise When You Become A Feminist

Click and read the whole thing so you understand cause otherwise you'll get the wrong message

6 Ways 'Gender Equality' is Different From Feminism

What You're Really Saying When You Support Gender Equality, But Not Feminism. The idea that feminism put women on a pedastool over men is just not true. People need to educate themselves on what feminism really is before judging it.

Everyday Feminism : Photo

This came at the most appropriate time. I was judgy recently of how another woman was dressed bc that isn't how I would dress. So this is something I should consider when I have those thoughts.


Coup de gueule

If men did not vote to give women the right to vote, women wouldn't have the right to vote to limit men's rights.

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I'm not a feminist. But I'm pinning for my feminist friends who hate people who call themselves "feminists" and then think/do/preach the things listed in here.