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"Shhhhhhhh....it only looks like I'm sleeping. I'm working undercover."

Some days you might as well stay in bed.

I've posted this before ... but I just love the "emotion".  All our bully's think they are "special" LOL this guy just let's it be known !! Love this pic!

This is (most likely) a picture of best friends and the little sibling just wanting to be a part of their fun. Awwww poor little sibling.

Shewww...It's so dang hot out here! Bulldog finds some relief from the sweltering heat in a pile of ice cubes.

'The Dog Days of month old English bulldog cooling off on ice. Got to love Texas!

i wonder what he's dreaming about

My bully sleeps on the car console on road trips also!

Baggy Bulldogs

I'm so doing this at the lake house with Phoebe and Tesla!

The Ultimate Bulldog nap!

Action bully!  www.facebook.com/baggybulldogs

The gracious English Bulldog :P

Norm used to mold himself to his bed like this.

Norm used to mold himself to his bed like this.

This couch also makes a good pommel horse.

Tamba does this ALL the time

Handsome #English #Bully

Its no joke(r).