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Thundercats - something old redone to be new


Roaring to life through WBA and use of the Japanese animated artistry of anime, “ThunderCats” cha

Thundercats...My cousin and I used to run around yelling  "Thundercats hoooo"

My cousin and I used to run around yelling "Thundercats hoooo"

Nunca se compara al original.

Thundercats 1985 and 2011 Comparison

Wiley Kit, Wiley Kat, and my all-time favorite Thundercat - Snarf!

WilyKit and WilyKat are too freaking cute! I prefer the 2011 rather than the original because of the anime-like graphics.


if the japanes did the thundercats, this would be part of the episode

ThunderCats-thundercats-2011-27408629-500-281.png (500×281)

ThunderCats-thundercats-2011-27408629-500-281.png (500×281)

I remember getting The Sword of Omens for my birthday somewhere around fourth grade. It was foam rubber and it broke, but it was awesome while it lasted.


Thundercats – A Who’s Who



Lion-O uses Sight Beyond Sight to find the Spirit Stones

thundercats 2011 - Google Search

Amazing Model Sheets from Cartoon Network’s 2011 relaunch of Thundercats.