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This is a face of someone who love you and of someone heartbroken because the love of his life didn't remember anything. And the fact that this is the look on Dean face when Cas said "thank you for saving my WIFE" say it all

Dean and Cas <--This is more of I thought you were dead only to find you shacked up with some lady face. THIS. THIS IS MY HURT FACE.

Dean Winchester

I honestly cannot get over how beautiful this man is.

It calms me too

I love how Sam claims to dislike this music, but knows Metallica by Dean's humming. Dean's taught him well.

He is.

I looks like Cas is grabbing Dean’s butt XD But knowing Misha he prob is.


Yes, I'm obsessed with this show but this is such a powerful quote that I can absolutely relate to.<<quote is from monster by skillet.

Clever ;)

The fact that Dean not only knows the location of a gay bar but can quickly utilise that knowledge into sass is the reason we love him. Yes, Garth. It is balls. So many balls. And Dean knows this.


Perhaps it's because this is how Cas gripped Dean when he raised him out of perdition. It worked then, so he uses it when Dean is out of control

I love the look he gets on his face when he's teasing Sammy - 1x16 Shadow

Shadow I love the look Dean gets on his face when he's teasing Sammy.

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