Detail from versailles roof

Colors and window shape. Palace at Versailles, detail of roof.Louis XIV style architectural origins from Vaux-le-Vicomte.

The Marlborough Tower at The Queen’s Hamlet, Versailles

Garden of Versailles The Malborough Tower is located on the banks of the lake and was the point of departure for boat rides or fishing outings.

Versailles.  The gates of the Sun King

Detail of entrance gate at Versailles, designed by the Sun King himself, Louis XIV.

Interior of chateau de Versailles, Paris

Gallery of Battles, Le château de Versailles - grand, high ceiling with elaborate decoration is typical of Baroque style. The use of gold and strong, masculine colours are further indications of the design period.

Interior detail of the chapelle at Versailles.

Baroque architecture inside Frauenkirche, Dresden, Germany (by Xavier de Jauréguiberry). I love Baroque and Gothic Architecture. I think I was born in the wrong era.