"Desgodinización" // Desburocratización de la persona

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer living and working in London: Tshirt design for the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont.


20 Delightfully Sarcastic Illustrations Everyone Will See Themselves in

Urban Graphic Ltd, Jean Jullien - TOA 28

The Wine Drinker by Jean Jullien for Toasted, Urban Graphic Ltd.

Jean Jullien - TIME, Holiday time is running out.

Superb illustrations by Jean Jullien 10 pictures that can make us rethink the way we live.

Jean Jullien's online portfolio: NEW YORK MAGAZINE: THE SEX ISSUE

by Jean Jullien


A era digital em ilustrações

french illustrator jean jullien tells us more about the work on show at his solo exhibition 'allo'.

Иллюстратор Жан Жюльен

Without Art Earth is Just Eh / Goodbye.

Jean Jullien

Good morning by jean_jullien

" Donne-moi ton coeur, Baby..." ( K. Maro ) / Illustration. / By Jean-Jullien.

Modern Days – Les illustrations drôles et satiriques de Jean Jullien

Modern Days – Les illustrations drôles et satiriques de Jean Jullien (image)


we spoke to french illustrator and designer jean jullien ahead of his new solo show at kemistry gallery in london.

Jean Jullien's online portfolio

Petit Appétit by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien's online portfolio: Allo?

Screen print from the Allo show at Kemistry Gallery.

Burger - Jean Jullien Technique: Giclée print Papier: Innova 210gr Format: 50x70 cm Tirage: 50 ex Edition numérotée Signature numérique

Buy Limited edition art Print Burger by Jean Jullien - Us exhibition

Jean Jullien's online portfolio: US

interview with the creator of the peace for paris symbol, designer jean jullien

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