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I think that this image is very creative and interesting because the designer made it pop by using the outline of the person. I also really like how the silhouette of the girl in this image is a design and it makes her stand out.

Feb 16: Ceremonial Thermostat - Yragael - Philippe Druillet.

NEOSAPIENS / Philippe Druillet: Humanoide Demasiado Humanoide

My name is John and I am into Comics, Movies, Artwork, Painting, Rock'n'Roll and Music in General and Pop-Culture in particular.

The Fucking State We're In (bravespear _20_11_17) 75cm60cm Giclee print on Canson Baryta #artistofinstagram #art #collage #print #politics #abstract #graphic #text

The Fucking State We're In (bravespear Giclee print on Canson Baryta

Ogum, Oxaguian, Iemanja e Oxalufan by Orádia N.C Porciúncula/  Licença Creative Commons 3.0 Atribuição - Uso Não-Comercial-Proibição de realização de Obras Derivadas CC BY-NC-ND

Ogun, Oxaguian, Iemanja and Oxalufan by Orádia N.C Portiuncula / License Creative Commons Attribution



British artist called John Stezaker slice, separate  or adjust his work to give the photographs new meaning

I went to see John Stezaker's exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery on Friday and here's my post on it! Stezaker is a British artist who pri.

hayley warnham - wishing it was july instead of february.

Everything is Beautiful Series / Artist: Hayley Warnham - Black and white photos with a bit of POP. This picture was found by gail

The Darling Bombs of May aka Come to Britain it's Bracing (Bravespear_16_12_17)  #artistsoninstagram #art #collage #uk #theresamay #politics #satire #explosion

The Darling Bombs of May aka Come to Britain it's Bracing