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Tags: Anime, Gin Tama, Sakata Gintoki, Hair Buns, Kagura (Gin Tama), Pixiv Id 2274567

Tags: Gin Tama, Sakata Gintoki, Kagura (Gin Tama), Pixiv Id 2274567

The devil is a part timer ||| Hataraku Maou-sama

Can you feel it? Manga: Hataraku Maou-sama!

(はたらく魔王さま!) [Light Novel & Manga] - Page 49 - AnimeSuki Forum


This is a popular style among anime and Manga artist and fans.

19732265_626798174184856_6660645622420272663_n.jpg (479×960)

19732265_626798174184856_6660645622420272663_n.jpg (479×960)

16195553_1251102981602162_791483071098935175_n.jpg (540×960)

16195553_1251102981602162_791483071098935175_n.jpg (540×960)


(adopted her and gave her a weapon to protect herself and help out) Fire scythe, very powerful. She's righteous, firm belief of punishing wrong doings, stubborn, determined and dedicated. Does have an issue with trusting people as well.

Types of kisses

KISS MEME WITH WAIFUUUU by omocha-san on deviantART. I want a boyfriend who will give me Eskimo kisses:( <<< I want a relationship where any of happens :(

Naver Image Popup

First one would be Amane an the second would be Raven but no bow and arrow

sekigan  different facial expressions / face in general

Commish #1 by HeySpace on DeviantArt

sekigan different facial expressions / face in general glad essence