Making clouds

Realistic Clouds - Pinner Says: These are the best. **I use them for clouds, bushes, and trees**! I will never make different clouds again!

İlham veren Kendin Yap DIY projeleri, tasarım fikirleri, dekorasyon önerileri, takı fikirleri, kıyafet fikirleri; kısaca "Kendim Yapıyorum" diyebileceğiniz herşey!

How to make chocolate leaf decorations - melted chocolate and mint leaves. If you're making a mint choc cupcake maybe leave the mint leaf coated in choc to top the cupcakes instead of peeling the decoration off!

Fondant baby shoes

Great table set up @ a baby shower .Excellent step-by-step photo tutorial: How to make fondant baby converse shoes . (would be fun to do in polymer clay too!