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Tae still had a slight Korean accent when he said it but it was adorable

Feel you rapmon xD i always talk in english when im excited or happy

Suho playing basketball..

[EXO meme] Suho : Playing basketball like a boss :v

LMAO. Jungkook's all scared like, "Yo, wtf Hobi?! O.O"

int'l playboys RM & kookie trying to be cool.no luck with Jimin & Hobi around! Jungkook got so scared lol

Holy Trinity - Mic Drop Backstage - Sleeveles Kookie, Park Jimin and Min Yoongi | #Suga | Agust D and Park Jimin - Bangtan Sonyeondan | BTS ♪

Well now about a million fangirls are dead just by looking at this😵

Yoongi is in everyone's soft spot

Jungkook is too nice to do anything like that to my sweet baby Yoongs TvT