Hunger Games

free French topic-starter based on comparing the Hunger Games tributes (from the book or the movie)

Jennifer Lawrence is a Disney princess. It makes more and more sense the more you think about it-- hahahahahahahahahaha

Funny pictures about Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters. Oh, and cool pics about Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters. Also, Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters.

I really want to watch this again but I don't think I'll be able to deal with the feels

Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire memes, funny photos, pictures after Sam Claflin, Finnick Odair casting. Includes Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

Hungergames disney. OMG Frozone as Cinna! "WHERE. IS. MY FLAMING SUIT?!"

Anne on

Disney/Pixar Characters - Hunger Games Characters I thinn lottie should be effie. Videa Should be Johanna, And no clove and Prince Naveen should be Caeser

when i watch this i was like very clever. but also like i still don't like youu.

Did You Picture Yourself As Katniss?


That Awkward Moment When.Hunger Games by *Incessant-Star. I knew most of these, but that last one was news to me. I knew she looked familiar!