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wouldn't this be funny if this happened in #MLPSeason5 I say it should be an episode. #brony #bronies

FlareWing on

Draw your OC as a different spesies ( has to be from the show)

WELP by kilala97

i keep telling myself to not make anymore characters but FUGG IT Info coming laterrrr cuz I'm currently drawing more shipping garbage WELP

Poorly conceived plans by Lopoddity on DeviantArt

So if Pandora and Paradox had a baby, would it be a clone? First things first, when a draconequus reproduces with a pony, they get a baby. Poorly conceived plans

The Batmane 6

The Batmane 6

Draw your OC as a bat pony. Due date April Winner gets a drawing request.

Bad Ponies by Beavernator.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Bad Ponies-and Applejack, what about Where the Apple Lies? Everybody makes mistakes.

My Little Griffon by FarewellDecency

The singles can be viewed in my gallery, but for quick reference, and also from left to right: Applejack - Woodpecker and Golden Eagle Pinkie Pie - Kookaburra and Blue-Footed Boo.

Do these belong to you, Mr. and Mrs. Cake?

pound cake, princess luna, and pumpkin cake drawn by dstears and sliceofponylife - Bronibooru