by Dain - Tribeca, NYC (LP)

Here’s the interesting street art that I’ve come across in greater Tribeca since February.

Pink Eye Graffiti Art.  Kinda like 'Pink Eye on my Leg' by my favorite, Ween.  Or like Bette Davis eyes.  :)

Pink Eye Graffiti Art

Pink Eye Graffiti Art - ‘Skylark Davis’ by DAIN is part of the ‘Copasetic’ show at New York’s Brooklynite Gallery. The show itself is a tribu.

by Dain - Brooklyn, NY (LP)

by Dain - Brooklyn, NY (LP)

"Lovin' it Now?!" [click on this image to find examples of culture jams, which are aimed at exposing the irrationality of McDonald's mass produced fast food, including the health problems associated with it (see also:]

Ronald McDonald Rainbow Puke T-Shirt "Not So Happy" by Lora Zombie shows the McDonald's clown vomiting colorfully on the wall. Lovin' it now?