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Has Markiplier evaluated on the Demon/third person that makes up Dark?


The Jims on the Case ““What’s our next scoop, Jim?” “We’re reporting on a murder.” ” (A little experiment on colors.

Danti 4 days!!!

I was wondering if you could draw an anti and dark crossover, where anti is making dark a flower crown.

In a universe where Demons rule the earth and humans are their slaves… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Happy New Year ~ To all the watchers and friends who gave me a bunch of help on the progress thanks for the support you guys really blew my mind in a very short time I do have a great time du.

Banksy, street art

Banksy Street Art - Kalendář 2018 na Posters.

That Say Goodbye video on jack's channel creeped me out but it was cool #jacksepticeye, #markiplier

Just meme it!


Unwittingly, all these fanart stuff has going on for half a year already(gees. I genuinely love this journey with you all , it's such a great pleasure everyday when I'm off work And it's a hu.