Hahahhahaha first time I saw this skit iwas LMAO!!

Hahahhahaha first time I saw this skit I was LMAO! But now I'm literally crying!

Look at Liam, "you don't trust me harreh?" -gabby

Liam looks so innocent in the pic on the left.<<<The look on Zayn's face in that picture says it all, he's waiting to see if Liam will pants Harry again.

Only Hazza

first they can't hold water bottle right then they can't hold tea right, whats next? They hold a hot dog wrong? Btw I sometimes do hold a water bottle like that

You be the best!! There's one friend of mine who literally loves Harry's hair!! And she cried a lot when he cut them off!!

I'm beyond proud of this confident young man. He's absolutely amazing and deserves good things to come his way. Wishing you love, luv.