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"I love you" The pain is coming. I'm not prepared. #Olicity #Arrow 4x09

"I love you" The pain is coming. I'm not prepared. #Olicity #Arrow 4x09

I so wanted them to kiss right then and there

Can't freaking wait for the new episode of season 3 "The origin of Felicity Smoak".

Arrow - Felicity & Oliver #4.11 #Olicity ♥

"The doctor said your condition is permanent and I don't think it's healthy or productive for either of us to live in denial.

I love you.  Look at him.  He actually means it!!  He wasn't just lying to fool Slade, he meant it too!

Arrow - Emily Bett Rickards - Felicity Smoak - Oliver Queen – Stephen Amell - Olicity This was a real i love you Oliver i'm sure it was!

2x21 #Arrow #Olicity  So close. So damn close. And his eyes. Watch them. They totally looked down at her mouth. Like I said, So. Damn. Close.

We're taking a look at the components of an Olicity moment that have defined the beautiful relationship between Oliver and Felicity on 'Arrow.

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #3.1 That broke my heart a little. Why can't those two crazy kids get it together?!?

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:) Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 after a bomb explodes in the restaurant Oliver and Felicity are eating in

14 'Arrow' Season 4 Olicity Interactions That Were Too Much To Handle

14 Olicity Moments From Season 4 That Slayed You

After hearing endlessly about all of this “Olicity" nonsense on the interwebs, I decided to do an early summer marathon watch of Arrow. A week and a half and three seasons later (I'm nothing if not thorough), I quickly realized that concerning Olicit…