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Sans the Skeleton | Undertale

New Game Undertale My Skeleton Sans Casual Short Sleeve White Teenager T-shirt

He'd be a good dad I think by Dark--Gaia mah heart.mah poor wittle heart just.

Sans and Frisk - comic<<< Yo Sans I agree with that and all but like.....you people give Chara and Frisk way too much credit. In a twisted sense, they are just puppets that players express themselves through. It's the player that genocides it or goes the pacifist route. Not Chara or Frisk.

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Sans and Frisk - ohhhhh this is heartwrenching, if i ever play this game i wont replay it T^T

That switched eye wink can kinda throw you a little without you actually realizing why.  "Is there... did something different just happen...?"

Hohooo I never noticed that. Maybe because I couldn't really see during the genocide run cause I was crying all the time. It's burning in hell, not rotting.

undertale, papyrus, frisk, sans

It actually did hurt when he rejected me. A life of rejection and not even a skeleton wants me.


undertale, toriel, frisk, sans<me when I hit my brother and he starts crying

You Are My Sunshine by Mutil8tor every time this song is used prepared to be heartbroken

You Are My Sunshine by every time this song is used prepared to be heartbroken<<<too many of them feelsies

I wish this would ACTUALLY happen! The two lazy-bones battling... That'd be AWSOME!

Undertale and Underswap Sans vs Papyrus - Sans seems to gain the upper hand, and raise Pap's anger

Chaaaaraaaa that kills people!

Chaaaaraaaa that kills people!

undertale | underfell

Outerfell designed the bro’s first during a stream and then I kinda ran with the rest.