I like the caddy cornered shelf with the lamp behind it. I also like the word READ and it painted to match the classroom colors.

Like the bookcase set up in the Classroom Library This has links and descriptions for all of the classroom decor

No More Stacks of Paper - ORGANIZE!  A place for everything, and everything it its place.  Love this!

Even though this is an elementary classroom, this idea could EASILY be adjusted for upper grade levels. Grade Stuff: Avoid Stacks of Papers - ORGANIZE!

Looking for tips to achieve differentiated reading instruction in K-3? You’re in the right place! (This post contains affiliate links.) Differentiation. It’s the big buzz word these days, isn’t it? But what does it really  mean? Simply put, differentiation is tailoring your instruction to meet the needs of individual learners. According to Carol Ann Tomlinson, “Differentiating instruction means ‘shaking up’ what goes on in the classroom so that students have... Read More »

10 tips for differentiated reading instruction in K-3

Book Boxes using Walmart ice bins and colored duct tapeice bins from walmart

Teaching, Learning, Loving: Book Boxes made from Walmart ice cube trays (about a dollar each) or other types of lovely classroom organization bliss.