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Here are the books we can't wait to read in 2016! (Ranked in no particular order.)

The 27 Most Exciting Books Coming In I've not read any yet, being limited to box store bookshelves and used copies, but some of these piqued my interest!

Lists of all the books she read each year for several years. She also has written what she though of each book. Can't wait to delve into the lists!

20 Top Books of the Past 10 Years

20 Top Books of the Past 10 Years - your homebased mom

Banned books. Start the rebellion.

I love reading banned books. The books that make people mad are the books that make the best points.

I read this book shortly after the passing of my brother William and I must say it brought a different perspective and an odd sense of comfort that his reality while very different then mine now is still one filled with love, friendship and above all else the greatest understanding of life as we each call it.  Def. not your average novel but I highly recommend this book to anyone that has lost a friend, love or family.

the five people you meet in heaven By: Mitch Albom --This book really makes you think.

Some incredible books worth reading this year. Great ideas for books to read next!

19 Highly Anticipated Breakthrough Books of 2017

Love The One You're With - Emily Giffin - Ellen, Andy, Leo & Margot's story (move from NYC to Atlanta).

Will have to read soon! "Absolute, hands down, favorite Emily Giffin book!

So many strangers have been touched by this single piece of literature. We all say, "I read that book! I loved it!" AMAZING!! TRULY AMAZING~~~

Tune in to 'Movie Nights with the Reagans'

The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I've read this book way before it became a wonderful movie, so I was excited to finally watch it in cinema when it was in theaters. Love the book as well as the movie.


A beautiful story of joy, pain, anger and forgiveness about two Afghan women whose lives become intertwined whilst their country changes. I didn't want this book to finish!

32 Books That Will Change Your Life--I must read these at some point...

32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

I may not agree with them all but I'm always looking for new titles.

2014 Must Reads: The 100+ Best Books of the Year