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Nice+and+glossy+vinyl+stickers+of+all+the+starters+from+Alola!    You+can+either+pick+one+of+your+choice,+or+get+the+full+set+of+3.    This+is+professionally+printed+on+glossy+vinyl.+  Size+is+approx.+6cm+x+6+cm.+  These+are+around+the+right+side+to+fit+on+a+current+generation+smartphone,+or+most...

Nice+and+glossy+vinyl+stickers+of+all+the+starters+from+Alola! This+is+professionally+printed+on+glossy+vinyl.+ These+are+around+the+right+side+to+fit+on+a+current+generation+smartphone,+or+most.

Look at this adorable Eevee!!! <3 <3

すっぱいぬ(ちょこ)マッギェム on

Look at this adorable Eevee! i know this is not anime not kawaii but this too cute so i had to put it in this board

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minccino artwork | Minccino

Official Artwork from Pokemon Conquest on the Nintendo DS including major characters, locations, logos and some Pokemon.


espurrrrrrr is soooo cute. Even after you know the fact that he is restraining from killing every one withen a 300 meter radius by folding it's ears.

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