Diving_Suit_F_by_butterfrog.jpg (900×1320)

Diving Suit From Sunken Empires [link] Original for sale! A must-have for deep sea exploration if you are mad at the party wizard or priest Copyright Ko. Diving Suit F

The Glorious Deep Sea Works of Richard Armstrong

The Glorious Deep Sea Works of Richard Armstrong

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Steampunk Hard-Hat Diving Suit. Design by Meinert Hansen

Here is my design for a Nautilus deep-sea suit and a custom-built underwater camera. And here's a shot of me in the suit (optional beard) as photographed in the

20,000 leagues under the sea by GoldenDaniel.deviantart.com on @deviantART

a painting from school last year based off the classic novel. was my first painting in traditional media ever, learned a lot!