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Sherlock: 43 https://t.co/wybDRvP7Iw

Sherlock& oldest enemy returns, and the Baker Street duo face the ultimate challenge.

221bgaykerstreet: “he said ‘i love you’ ”

Well guys, the second SHerlock trailer is here ! and I have to warn all of you, you'll not be okay after watching it:) Series 4 Trailer - Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… ---> I loved in this scene how Sherlock kept correcting him. I once posted this very scene on youtube and they quickly removed it and sent me a warning. LOL!

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… I almost died when I saw this scene. I made Jeffrey watch this scene since he is the Grammar Police around here and he loved it!

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SH Tags: sherlock/sniffing/the network  Looking for a particular Sherlock reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to deduce them out.

One of my new favourite gifs <-- I feel like I've been deduced. <-- that look he gives you <~~ Damn. Well put, I FEEL deduced and seduced

The moment we all wanted to be Molly. {gif} It's the beautiful hair ruffle.

I am standing next to my window and I keep waiting for this to happen to me.

The moment we all wanted to be Molly. {gif} It's the beautiful hair ruffle. I love Benedict Cumberbatch! I ship Sherlolly

How does he do it?<--I'm convinced he's either and alien or has superpowers, although he could be from krypton...

Benedict, in and out of character XD <== he's a genius actor.

If I woke up to this I would probably punch him in the face. (I had to pin it for that comment!)

If I woke up seeing this and he says: We need you to audition for Sherlock . I will kick him and probably didn't here that sentence and check if he's real and apologize and ask him to repeat what he said 😂

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benedict timothy carlton cumberbatch (sherlock holmes) / martin john c. john h. watson) i find this art way to attractive.