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#wattpad #de-todo ♥♣Hola!!!♥♣   -Descubre que eres en tokyo ghoul!!!    -Historia 100% mía cualquier parecido es casualidad   -Prohibida su copia  ✨#923 En De Todo 23/1/17✨

pixels <<< I don't ship it but it's supes cute <<< awww poor Prussia XD he's so cute <<<< Cockblocked by a fairy XDDD that's adorable, though. Maybe next time, Gil!

#wattpad #fanfic Ser el hermano mayor nunca fue fácil para él. Todo giraba en torno a su hermano menor, él sólo era una molestia más. Fue abandonado, desechado por todos. Todos menos un español.  Disclaimer: Los personajes no me pertenecen. Son propiedad de Hidekaz Himaruya. Si no te gusta el Chico x Chico, te reco...

~ Diario de un italiano ~ Spamano - -; Entrada 25 ;- + Nota

Spamano Gif - Spamano is my OTP Hetalia<--- "Fate brought me to you"

England does not approve

I' dying because of Frances face XD

Te amo, España. 0///0

Hetalia, it sounds so cute in all the other languages then you get to Germany and it just kind sounds scary. Then again a lot of things in German sound hardcore.

England is a bottom! *triggered* - Killed me

Me: *reads Head cannon* ha *scrolls and reaches the bottom*(no pun intended) *wHeEZe*

f95bdd0c7f9e306ae1210a1dfd65fb5d.jpg 800×5,398 pixels

Hetalia support to make u feel better

98c5e4107119b76482b1794530bc7011.jpg 600×3,175 pixels

I lost it at derp eyes xD

Zen || Mystic Messenger and Gilbert || Aph Prussia || Hetalia

Plot twist: Zen is Prussia disgised as a human

This is one of my favourite gifs from one of my favourite Hetalia CMVs. XD I love this so much.

Hetalia ~ Canada, America, England and Sealand / Cosplay

Hahahahahahahahahahhahaa too bad my friend doesn't have a Pinterest...he would love this hahahaha

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LIKE COME ON GUYS!  Russia's just a big, socially awkward sweetie! ^J^

LIKE COME ON GUYS<<<russia is not a villain he is just intimidating to the other countries because russia is a larger countrie and I believe that he is misunderstood.

El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-<<<This is so funny that I don't even care about the FrUK XD

[El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-] Hmmm. I'm not really a big shipper of RusAme, but this crossover of El Dorado and Hetalia made my day.

Hetalia - Drawings by megane-no-buta.deviantart.com on @deviantART Japan and America

Awww America upping his drawing skills for Japan- Drawings by megane-no-buta on Deviantart

*also raises hand*

Able x eveyone

Anime es nuestro escape de esta mierda llamada realidad.

everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry and it really, really inspires me. so stop judging i love anime and manga nothing is ever gonna ch


What England thinks of France XD