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Животные часто из-за своего любопытства попадают в неприятные истории.  #коты  #кошки  #пчёлы  #приколы

20 котов, ужаленных пчелами

Those eyes

paper done with Prismacolor colored pencils and a little acrylic white paint for the ear hairs and a few stray hairs. I called this city skyline because of the reflection in her eye.

Seal Point Cat

What Kitten Should You Get?

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Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

30 Animals Posing to The Camera Like Models - I Can Has Cheezburger?

Immagine incorporata

The Cult Cat on

"I'zz on the midnight shiff. I'll keeps watch while deys sleeps. It's my first day on da job though, so I'zz can't guaranteez nuffin.

Merlin - I manage a veterinary clinic in Central Florida and Merlin was brought in off the street at around 6 months old when I adopted him.