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Superpowers Mega Chart: They Are ALL Here

I hold a little flame in the palm of my hand I look around the room flour corners no way out. Just then the ceiling opens the drop a girl into the room I run over to her. "Who are you?" I ask her she looked up at me "Susan?" She knew my name. She stands up. "Susan where were you?!?" She holds my arms I push her away (open rp)

What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

I KNOW that I would have been a fire bender or a water bender. If you think all fire benders are evil, you obviously didn't understand the point of Avatar the Last Airbender.

I love the flow and energy of this series by digital artist Federico Bebber. The swirling lines go perfectly with the graceful models, while the use of black and white helps to keep the focus on the form and shapes of the images without being distracted by color.via [who designed it]

Light and Magic (5 photos)

Quantum Physics - All matter is merely Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all One Consciousness experienceing itself subjectively. Life is only a Dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves

It seemed she had no power over what was happening to her.  The darkness was overtaking her, slowly, but surely.  She couldn't seem to shake free of the invisible force, drawing her into the shadows.  Zashta was becoming her father's dark past...

A List of Little-Known Superpowers

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((Open RP)) It is late at night. The time of night when your deepest secrets come out. I sit on my bed and tell my best friend my secret. "I was chosen at birth for a very special mission." I tell him. "Sure you were, Jess!" He says rolling his eyes. "No, really I was!" I say frusterated, showing him what I could do. I wasn't suposed to tell any one, let alone show them. But I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. There was one other person somewhere in the world who was like me. My mission…

Which Magic Spell Do You Need?

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. This shows that magic is in your hands no matter what. (Galaxy in hands)

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New city, new character, new game: Why Infamous is starting over with Second Son

Along with the 2013 trailer, Sony have uploaded gameplay vision for Sucker Punch‘s PlayStation 4 launch title inFAMOUS: Second Son. This is the first time we get to see proper in-game footage.The video can be viewed embedded at the bottom of this article.

Elena stretched out her hands to her ex-husband, grimacing with reluctance. "Help me," she whispered.

Love: A Not So Concise Definition

Lydia (Dream) Done filling her veins, the ice moved to the surface, freezing her skin and forming crystals

The power was in her hands. When she struck the air, it moved to obey her. Like the hammer of the great god Thor, the air descended furiously upon her enemies and destroyed them.

Frozen air seemed to float out of her hand. She could not and would not let her sister be killed. And then, she looked down in horror. Frozen air was floating out of her hand! -Inspiration Paragraph Written by Me

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A List of Little-Known Superpowers

Jeda's power is gravitational force. Her lack in immortal strength due to her wolf gene is made up for in mental strength. She can crush things with her mind like a pureblood immortal can crush things with their bare hands.

Colin using a Seeker power? Being able to use his aura to see the path he's supposed to take or something like that

3 Challenges in 1

A selection of 14 beautiful photographs of Light Painting created by photographer Dennis Calvert. We often talked about light painting, but rare are the

Another old, completely non-marketable idea where the villain was this lovely guy right here. His only real power was the force field, but if anyone was caught in it, they'd lose their power.

80 Best Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorials

Create a Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect by Fabio Sasso, Have you ever wanted to use your mind to move an object? Use the Force to fling things out of your way? Unfortunately, we all know those types of abilities.


What Is Your Most Dominant Sense?

"Why Everyone Should Read Harry Potter" Tales of the young wizard instill empathy, a study finds.

In the Wake of Thunder: Surreal New Series by Alex Stoddard - My Modern Metropolis

In the Wake of Thunder: Surreal New Series by Alex Stoddard

Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self discovery." In the Wake of Thunder: Surreal New Series by Alex Stoddard. The lightning!