Fairytail knows they're in an anime

Wallpaper and background photos of Fairy Fun ! :) for fans of Fairy Tail images.

I like how all of their jaws are dropped beyond human capabilities, and Erza's just like what in the world, can I kill it?,funny, text, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray; Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Omg, this is with Isenwald, Erigor, and the Lullaby Flute. I'd remember those train tracks anywhere<--- "Can I kill it?

Image in Fairy Tail collection by Sanka Rea on We Heart It

Image in Fairy Tail collection by Sanka Rea

My reactions to Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail. XD #StingEucliffe #FairyTail

Sting is so amazing i mean i still have a super big anime crush on gray and natsu but sting is somewhere on the anime crush list

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Theory that lance is a serious otaku fanboy.

I feel like he can play three different characters and pull it off Fabulously. #JellalIsBae

Essentially they are the same people Jellal split his soul to create Siegrain to infiltrate the magic council and mystogan is Jellal from Edolas

I made this with a meme generator. From the latest episode of Fairy Tail. (Made with a snapshot)

I made this with a meme generator. From the latest episode of Fairy Tail.

Lmao kobra who? honestly there all fucking hot not Wendy she's a kid  she's cute!!!!! I would be weird saying she's hot that's way NO HATE

:D Fairy Tail [Laxus Dreyar / Natsu Dragneel / Gajeel Redfox / Wendy Marvell / Rogue Cheney / Sting Eucliffe / Erik (Cobra)]

*SPOILERS*  The part in the manga when he says he finally realizes he wants to spend the rest of his life with her!!! I legit burst into tears ❤️

yeah :) gajevy/gale for life

Gajeel is actually quite the softy. But we love him anyway❤️

Please donate to the Gajeel needs a talking cat foundation now.

amazing fairy tail pics motivation posters | deviantART: More Like Fairy Tail Motivational Poster 1 by ...

Yay lucy you get to be the strongest for less than a day go you. Sorry lucy ur awesome

Happy Halloween! by Bludy-chu on DeviantArt

Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, Gajeel x Levy, Jellal x Erza, Cobra x Cinana - A Fairy Tail Halloween!

I just realised the background is in outer space and the smoke stuff is coming from a volcano...

That's WAY too confusing for me! I don't own Juvia or her messed up ways. Fairy Tail Couples in Juvia's World

Nalu and Gruvia | kids | next generation | Frozen | you burned your house down again

Gray and juvias kid in the snowman outfit was soooo cute! Lol with natsu having to ask to live with gray! <<<Flipping gray dressed as Elsa!

Someone needs to write this fic...

Ouran High School Host Club meets Animal Crossing - I read every speech bubble in their designated voices.