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lembrar que essa foto não é manip aquece meu coração

lembrar que essa foto não é manip aquece meu coração

Okay so I know that a lot of people unfollow me because I ship Larry but you know what those unfollowers didnt know? I ship Elounor to. But it shouldnt matter who you ship or whos your favorite because we are all family and I love every single one of you like brothers and sisters #Directionersarefamily ~Brenna

This is the greatest picture I've seen of them recently! I mean I'm not Larryshipper but I'm glad to see them be more friends again :))

larry in 2015

Im not a larry fan.i just think it's cute when you find these kind of friendship

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Okay am I the only one that realizes when Elounor break up and Larry comes out that all the Elounor shippers and caldrics are gonna say around the same things that Larry shippers say. They'll be like ”There doing it so El will stop getting hate” or ”Its manegment, they obviously think itll bring in more money.” But then after a few months they'll see what Louis looks like when he's acctuslly happy and they'll all either except it or leave the fandom and then finally or fandom will be at…

Vintage Larry ♥ also I find it funny when people say "they're just friends", I mean just look at this. Would two best guy friends do this? I ship larry okay so deal with it.

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