Maira Kalman for The New Yorker

Sketchbook Maira Kalman

SKETCHBOOK about the Frieze Art Fair, showing a woman looking at an art installation. “At an art fair you can’t go wrong with a tall, skinny red ladder…

by Maira Kalman

Popular artist and writer Maira Kalman has a regular spot in the opinion section of The New York Times. I love her quirky style and the way she combines text and images,.

A few hundred years later, a beheading craze swept France. Alexis de Tocqueville's parents, awaiting execution, were spared the guillotine and freed. This made a deep impression on Alexis, who decided in 1830 to sail to America and observe firsthand this new thing called democracy.

So Moved

Observing, as Tocqueville did, the essence of American democracy: one person, one vote.

Maira Kalman - Celestial Harmony

Celestial Harmony

An artist’s illustrated essay on English gardens, former schoolteachers and people who wear jaunty hats.

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Maira Kalman - May It Please the Court

Patterson Maker

SKETCHBOOK about the optimism of breakfast. “In the optimism of the morning, it is wise to get going, to be confident, expansive, exuberant.