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I found 'Slide to get Downstairs' on Wish, check it out!

Going down stairs are so mainstream. Imagine sliding down from the floor to the first. Talk about fun! But, I will need stairs so I can walk up to the rooms. But, an indoor slide is good when coming down.

This light-infused villa on Palm Jumeirah fuses old-world glamour and modern sophistication using historical object d'art and contemporary art, adding a play...

One of our most popular posts! We finally found who to give credit to for this amazing creation! Designed by

Wohnzimmer mit Rutsche

Apartment mit Rutsche: Altbauwohnung in Kiew wird zum ultimativen Kindheitstraum

Wohnzimmer mit Rutsche

So, it turns out a zip-line in our backyard was... probably a bad idea... but I think this would be a great idea!  Who doesn't want a slide?!

A slide in Maison Martin Margiela, Sanlitun Beijing! I want one in my dream house - maybe from the front porch to the bus stop for my kids (and for mommy when she goes to pick them up ; This looks like so much fun!

Relax cùng với những thiết kế của google.

EMEA Engineering Hub in Zurich - I would like to work somewhere with a slide!

What if the game room/ media lounge was downstairs and the slide hidden entrance was in the hallway upstairs?

25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes

I have decided all houses need an indoor slide. I want a trap door in my kitchen floor with a slide to the basement play room.need a house with a basement first

Awesome thing for kids

A roll-up indoor slide for your stairs! Looks like a fun idea for kids and adults. Fold and pack away when not in use.

INDOOR SLIDE!!! Every house needs one!!

Mixture of home and playground - indoor slide breaks the wall between the playground and home

African violets - easy to grow flowering houseplants - bloom year-round with little effort - likes warm conditions & filtered sunlight. Avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves; cold water causes unsightly brown spots. Growing Conditions: Medium to bright light; 65-75F; keep soil evenly moist  Size: To 8" tall &16" wide

24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants Find fragrance and beauty in flowering houseplants. The blooming beauties described here will help you pick the best ones for your home.

Blonde tones are beautiful - indoors or outdoors. Blonde is a warm and very versatile neutral to build your look around...

Interior Inspiration - Beautiful Blonde

Sleek door Beautiful colors and wooden screen by Ink Design Lab from Sout Africa. Photo by David Ross Photography.

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The Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (a.a. my future in-house underground cave pool)