Okay, real talk: we all know that there are way more than “two types of girls” out there, but it’s kind of fun to put us into different camps sometimes – especially when it involves a funny Tumblr meme. Some of us fit the mold of the girly-girl, and others of us can hardly put … Read More

18 Hilarious Examples Of The Two Types Of Girls Meme Everyone Will Relate To

This is me and my best friend!

Magnets from Anne Taintor: we go together like drunk and disorderly.so my best friend and I.


boy and girl twin Halloween costume. so adorable! If i had a boy and girl twin I'd totally do this!

Ethel better get with the program!

This cracks me up! Marley's possible costume next Halloween! Little Girls as Old Women ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor