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This looks like my Daisy!! <3

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Just Counting With Corgis

corkidorki: Counting with Corgis This is old, but it gets me every time. All children should learn to count to 6 using this method. Corgi counting photos were taken by Sirowan, Goro’s corgdaddy.

With love and light

I really want an all white husky puppy. I would never have a wolf, they aren& domesticated, but you can& get much closer than this, look at those face with those gorgeous eyes! I really want one :(

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Whiskey in a tea cup, just an average twenty year old. Runt of the litter.

pinterest: @AWIPmegan

pinterest: @AWIPmegan


This German Shepherd/Husky mix is huge. <----actually its an Alaskan malamute