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ANTI-MATERIAL COIL GUN by icedestroyer.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Concept of sci fi pulse rifle. Quite busy these days but I've been able to make this one concept along. It is energy equipment. No projectiles at all. Battery is socketed in rear sections beh.

T2gibbon electric rifle

T2gibbon electric rifle

Tactical Shotgun

Showcasing Ascend's Weapons, concept and designed by Kris Thaler from rmory Studios.

Michael Eastwood

Some weapon concept arts from Exteel. I was really sad when they shut it down in I couldn’t find the artists behind these designs tho, but whoever they are, they are awesome!

Øm ▇

artissimo: “ destiny colonyship by jesse van dijk Digital Art Masters: Volume 5 ”

Энерго-винтовка Райгеров

More people suggested me to make laser gun so here it is. Concept of laser rifle. Objective was to make shine solid metal piece from the sci-fi future. It works with light beam not with projectiles.