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Ok I'm not much of a Haylor shipper but that's just mean. I can understand where she's coming from though, I'd want a picture of just me and Hazza, but I'd want one with all of us too...

I know Haylor is over, and everyone doesn't like Taylor now, but I honestly think that this girl could've been a little kinder. I mean, Taylor Swift is standing right in front of you.

'Uh oh...' She's already wrote 5 songs about the break up, but she doesn't know if they will be realized yet! Praying one will be 'He called me Louis' Hahaha (: xx

Harry styles from one direction used to date Taylor swift then he broke up with her and every time someone breaks up with her she makes a song about them and makes them look bad lol!

I love these songs. Haha Jennie I'm going to play a song. Ok. just serious. Very serious. Liam's mustache. not this song again

I love these songs. Haha Jennie I'm going to play a song. not this song again

he's still REALLY attractive<3<3<3

One direction, sometimes I do ask myself why do I love this band. In my mind i'm saying "HARRY HARRY" but now.