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Beautiful just bought some today

Using one flower en masse can have a dramatic effect in any garden - And similarly-hued snapdragons take center stage, here. What lovely, lovely, snapdragons! - Or are they lupines?

Maypole at Midsummer/ looks also  like Irminsul to me

Beltane (May the ribbons represent the flag -- this one is Swedish -- the 2 wreaths hang on the T shape pole -- w/vines & flowers wrapped around it all -- There's a ribbon winding around to music with Folk in National Costumes from their regions.

Gränna, Småland, Sweden----deep red, white trim with blue.....love that combination...

Gränna, Småland, Sweden----deep red, white trim with blue.love that combination.

Die typischen Zäune von Smaland in Asens

Bullerbü und Lönneberga - ein Hauch von Astrid Lindgren



Ljungafors - Sverige 2010

Ljungafors - Sverige 2010 < a typical Swedish red house at the country